Color is a power that directly effects the soul. Kandinsky

Thank you for taking the time to visit me and for the interest you have taken in my work. I hope you enjoy the time spent here.

There is a language of color, in nature, that can only be interpreted by being there. This is why plein air painting so attracts me, being on location when painting is, for me, the ultimate, a meditation. Color does not express itself on film or from the corners of my mind,the way it does by being on location.

The little small whispers of color in the shadows and the loud voices of the light are what excite and inspire me. The colors change constantly and very quickly, so it is important to be intuitive and spontaneous.

Shapes, forms, patterns and most of all, the ways colors speak to each other are what thrill me.

Each painting a new voice, a new story ... same language.

The study of color has allowed me to see what is invisible to others and I have the joy of sharing my vision.

Learning to trust the vocabulary and to listen, is the challenge. It is a solitary journey that

is only completed when shared with others.


Please visit my albums of plein air work and studio work and enjoy the journey. Let me know what you experience.

Denise Champion